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We are a community first, class based functional fitness gym based in Kuching, Sarawak. We are a professional team of passionate coaches dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Discover our diverse range of classes, from high-intensity KameHIIT to strength-focused sessions, designed to challenge and inspire you.


Meet our dedicated coaches who bring passion, expertise, and personalized guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Join our inclusive and supportive community, where you'll find motivation, encouragement, and lifelong friendships on your fitness journey.


Seamlessly manage your membership, book classes, and stay connected with our CFK Training Ground app, making fitness accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Workout of the Day. Experience the thrill of constantly varied, high-intensity workouts that challenge your strength, endurance, and overall fitness.


Our beginner-friendly workout designed to introduce you to the foundations of functional fitness.


Sculpt your strength through isolated training in our bodybuilding class, with our certified coaches.



Tailored fitness for seniors and beginners, embracing health in later years with personalized exercises.


Intermediate-level WOD+ for comprehensive strength and fitness enhancement.



High-intensity competition-style training, honing skills, and drills for aspiring athletes with dedicated coaching.


Our most fun and full class that fosters camaraderie and motivation where dynamic group workouts make fitness fun and effective.


We organize once a month, specialized classes that target specific areas such as mobility, Olympic lifting, or gymnastics, providing you with skill development.


Enhance your strength and power through structured training programs that focus on lifting techniques, progressive overload, and building muscle.


Our customized corporate training sessions include group workouts, team-building activities, and wellness seminars tailored to enhance your organizational well-being and productivity.

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*For first timers only. You're entitled to a free Kamehiit or Ignite Class.


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Frequently asked questions


We are proud to have some of the best fitness coaches in the industry on our team!


Our resident WOD (Workout Of The Day) specialist and our head coach. Don’t let his tough exterior to fool you - he’s really a friendly guy who helps to push you to your limits and assist with your workout movements


He specialises in Ignite and KAME HIIT classes. You will recognise him as the first friendly face you see at CFK Training Ground, his classes would be the one for beginners to try it out.


Popeye in real life. If you want to be like him. Well, you can train like him in his CFK Strength Class, to get those muscles pumped. So I wonder, does he eats lots of spinach in real life?


Our amazing WOD female instructor leads morning and afternoon classes. Whether you are an early bird or prefer to train later in the day, she got you covered! She leads weekdays KAME HIIT classes too, so if you prefer to have female coach, better go for it.


Meet one of the strongest ladies in CFK. If you love working out in the morning, you have probably seen her before. She leads the weekdays morning WOD and Ignite classes and brings warm and loving energy that makes you feel like you are working out with your besties.


Our fully customisable corporate training sessions ensures that your employees receive the full benefit of an effective training program.

We can cater for regular group workouts, team-building activities and wellness and nutritional seminars tailored to enhance your company’s well-being and productivity.


CFK Training Ground was established in 2012, it was the first registered CrossFit affiliate in Sarawak.
At CFK Training Ground our goal is to provide our members with the best fitness program and coaching possible. With our experience and passionate coaches, the one hour of our members day is something that they all look forward to, and with the support of CFK’s encouraging and supportive community, fitness has never been more fun and motivating.


is to be the fittest community in Sarawak.


is to constantly contribute by educating, sharing, and inspiring our communities to be more conscious about their lifestyle choices.


Carter Wei discovered CrossFit in 2011, He was extremely intrigued at this new training methodology. Carter started to implement CrossFit workouts into his fitness regiment.

2014 Carter received his CrossFit Trainer Certification. He opened up CFK Training Ground (Then CrossFit Kuching) in 2015. Carter wanted to share his life changing experience from doing CrossFit.

“Even if I can change one person’s life for the better, it makes it all worth while.”

CrossFit Kuching then was the only CrossFit box / gym in Sarawak. The training methodology was new in this part of the world and there were many challenges that he faced. The typical stereotype of lifting makes you bulky, CrossFit causes injuries and more.

However undeterred Carter continued to educate and share the positive results of doing Functional Training. CFK Training Ground has helped the community to get fitter and healthier for almost a decade and will continue to be the pillar of health and fitness in the community.

With almost a decade in the fitness industry, his passion and drive to make Sarawak the fittest community continues. The future is bright for functional training in Sarawak, with the industry coming a long way and continue to grow and expand.

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